2016 Automotive Outlook

What crucial trends are driving the industry?

We won’t see the breakthrough in adoption of new technology driven by traditional OEMs. The way companies are built and managed today limits their innovation capabilities particularly in large scale innovation. Massive shift will come from Apple, Google and other leading high tech companies who turned their capitals towards personal mobility. They will challenge the traditional automotive OEMs in the way we can hardly foresee today. Not only technologically with ultimate connectivity, rethinking the internal combustion engine, use of electric power and driverless systems but conceptually they will set a new standard for automotive business: they will rethink distribution, ownership (from owned to shared mobility) and − what I believe will be the most challenging to large OEMs − they will rebuilt organizations to reflect higher levels of human consciousness − from traditional hierarchy to self-governed purposeful systems. A car is not an iPhone − it takes dimensionally more infrastructure to be rebuilt to support the mobility ecosystem than communication ecosystem − however the change is inevitable.

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