Consumer Finance in times of low Interest Rates – Opportunities & Challenges: Interview with Dr. Olaf Neitzsch, General Director, Dr. Olaf Neitzsch Consulting

Key Questions

  • In regions that are important for the Global Economy, the Central Bank rates came down to historic lows. Some Analysts and also Bank Associations say that Consumer Banking faces profitability constraints as a result. What is your opinion?
  • So why are the rates so low and what are the problems?
  • What could be potential solutions?

About the Podcast

We interviewed leading financial expert Dr. Olaf Neitzsch to gather latest insights on “Consumer Finance in times of low interest rates”. Listen to our audio exclusive for the opportunities and challenges.

About Dr. Olaf Neitzsch

Dr. Olaf Neitzsch is an Executive with more than 20 years of Leadership experience in Banking & Finance (Retail and Corporate), including New Bank Establishment and CEO responsibility for developed Business Operations.

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