How has the Open Source Software affected the global technology sector?

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When Martin Chavez, Chief Information Officer of Goldman Sachs, boldly states in Goldman Sachs’ “Our Thinking – Trends in Our Business” expert video series, “Open Source along with The Cloud is a 1-in-20 year paradigm shift occurring now and transforming how companies do business,” I decided to stop and take stock.

In 20 years of commercializing IT software – beginning at Bechtel Artificial Intelligence Institute – I have experienced multiple boom-bust technology cycles including the Artificial Intelligence cycle in the 1990’s and Web Services/Dot com in 2000.  As an IT sales and marketing professional, I watched the evolution of Mobile, Internet-of-Things, M2M, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Big Data.  I have since made a deeper connection between The Cloud and Open Source which allowed me to more fully appreciate not only the impact that this shift has already had, but the accelerated rate at which it will continue to alter how we do business and live our lives.

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