In the Health Care industry, what recent developments do you believe will grow the most in the next 10 years?

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President Obama has called for a “cancer moonshot” in order to make America “the country that cures cancer once and for all.” An infusion of money and talent of the magnitude contemplated by such a program into cancer research would be huge boon to the cancer research community that has witnessed a continuing decline in funding over the last 15 years. Despite this erosion in funding, two exciting new advances in the treatment of cancer have evolved that have the potential to greatly improve the survival rate for cancer patients while at the same improving the quality of life for cancer survivors. These two significant areas of research and investigation are targeted therapies and immunotherapy. Both developments have the potential to grow and evolve the most in the next ten years and offer new market opportunities while more importantly, offer the greatest hope for the effective treatment for cancer patients coupled with an increase in survival rates.

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