Autonomous Vehicle Technologies

The viability of self-driving cars and the obstacles that lie on the road ahead

Self-driving cars are becoming a cause for both excitement and concern for a variety of fields and industries. Their potential impact represents a game-changer in everything from road safety to the global economy of driver-based jobs. However, before serious debate concerning their impact can begin, there are still some big questions concerning the viability of self-driving cars and the many challenges that must be answered. These pertain to the ability of the onboard algorithms to deal with every kind of eventually, the problem of imperfect products being rushed to the market with potentially fatal consequences, and the reluctance of consumers to put their lives in the hands of a new and unfamiliar technology.

The big question marks behind autonomous vehicle technology

What are the main challenges preventing the adaptation of self-driving cars? While there are more than one, a key issue is experience. For autonomous cars, this takes the form of virtual driving systems, and the race is on to log the billions of hours needed to form a base-line for error-proof technology. When will self-driving cars be available to mass markets? While many remain skeptical about the ability of autonomous vehicle technology to provide adequate safety in the near future, self-driving cars are already in action in many places, with some estimates projecting 10 million self-driving cars on the roads by 2020.

Navigating a safe path to the future of self-driving cars

While questions surrounding successful implementation remain, there is little doubt that the future of self-driving cars is a big part of our civilization’s future. Atheneum is a knowledge sharing platform that also helps to put those on the front line of industry changes in touch with experts who can help them navigate the choppy waters of innovation. Our expert platform is the ideal place to connect with scientists, analysts and other market intelligence professionals who have their finger on the pulse of this new and exciting technology.