The future and challenges of Agritech

Driving Sustainability and Profits
Agritech seeks to address one of the great problems of our age: the need to produce more and more food for a growing human population while reducing our resource use and preserving ecosystems for future generations. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, we have 60 years of topsoil left at current rates of exploitation. That’s before climate change worsens and affects global yields. In light of these problems, Atheneum has helped clients to invest intelligently in Agritech innovation — and will continue to do so.

Choosing the Most Effective Interventions in the Agritech Market
What is the future of Agritech? When investing in this field, there are many issues to consider. For instance, genetic modification is a promising avenue of research, but a controversial economic investment in many parts of the world. By connecting experts with investors, we can help to promote techniques which deliver sustainable improvements and bring innovative technologies into the mainstream. Automation is another key area in the Agritech sector, and possibly the most exciting. How will Agritech change food production? From the production of milk to pest control on large cereal farms, robotic technology is changing the way food is produced. But how can this be harnessed effectively by investors to maximize both productivity and profits? Atheneum seeking the answer.

Pushing Forward World-Changing Agritech Innovation
This isn’t an area where we can afford to delay. Agriculture is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, soil is being depleted rapidly, poor farming practices are resulting in the collapse of insect populations, and nitrates are leeching into water supplies across the world. Meanwhile, the world population grows, and people still go hungry. This may sound like a bleak situation. In some ways it is. But it’s an opportunity for Atheneum, and the people we serve, to explore new ideas and technologies — and it’s a challenge we’re happy to embrace.