What trends and challenges will the Automotive LED lighting market face in 2015?

©AMatveev / Shutterstock.com

To many, LED’s are the hot topic of the moment where lighting is concerned. Given the hype that has surrounded them in recent years, it is still surprising how little they have actually penetrated the automotive lighting market. So happily, in an age where growth is all too scarce, the LED trend is still very much an upward one.

Passenger Car Lighting
Safety and comfort are the cornerstones for every vehicle. As a result, reliability has always been a key item where lighting on a car is concerned. The long life of LED lamps was initially attractive, however, low brightness and high cost meant that they were generally restricted to use in dashboards. Nowadays, LED solutions are smaller, brighter, more efficient, last longer and cost less. They already provide smaller day-time running lights and fog lights that deliver superior performance for less energy, which in turn requires less battery power and smaller cables. Weighing less than their traditional counterparts, they contribute to more fuel efficiency and a greener vehicle. Designers have been able to unleash their creativity by using multiple small sources in place of one larger point source. (Think of creative brake light designs that look like eyes.) LEDs can be individually addressed allowing for multiple functionality. For example, some of the brake lights can change color or form a pattern depending on whether the vehicle is stationary, turning or driving normally.
The front of the car has also seen technological advances in recent years and the smaller size allows for better aerodynamics and energy efficiency. But because an LED headlamp is made up of multiple small light sources that can be individually addressed, the beam can be more precisely controlled. This means that for the first time, we have adaptive lighting which can turn the shape of the beam as you turn a corner; allowing you to see more in the turn. This adaptive ability will be a big trend in 2015.

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