What will be the top opportunities and challenges faced by global clean energy market in 2015?

©Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock.com

The sharp and sudden fall in international oil prices in recent months has generated a radical change in the global energy market. With low oil prices equations are rearranged and new winners and losers emerge along the entire value chain, not only of petroleum products but also of substitute products and secondary energy markets.

In recent years, clean energy sources have gained importance in the global energy scene; clean energy has achieved broader participation in energy portfolios around the world. However, in order to identify opportunities and challenges that arise in this industry globally, it is important to make two clear distinctions: First, it is not possible yet to speak of a global clean energy market, as it happens with other primary energy sources such as oil, coal or some refined products. In this regard, clean energy still does not constitute a global market as such; ie markets of clean energy remain local and in few cases regional. Second, it is important to point out what is considered as clean energy; in other words, there is still no consensus of the energy sources that are considered clean energy. In general nuclear energy is considered clean energy, although there are detractors that still do not consider it as clean energy. Also, in the case of biofuels there is a strong debate on the environmental effects of biofuels along its entire life cycle.

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